Hello, my name is Michael Benson. I’ve been an avid bicyclist since I was young. From mountain biking to my days on a freestyle team, biking in its many forms has always been a passion of mine. Recycling is also a passion, so when I figured out the best way to marry the two, I created SPROCKETTS.

In this day and age recycling makes more sense then ever;
it saves money, and helps the environment by reducing
waste. My bicycles are 99% recycled and 1% new parts with the exception of my new bicycles. Each recycled bike is thoroughly inspected and tuned up.
Parts are recycled and reused with the only new parts being
cables, housing, grips and inner tubes. Now you can own a
great bike with great parts for a fraction of the price of a new
one, plus you’ll be saving a bike from the graveyard.

Check out our bikes and save some money with a recycled bicycle.

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